5 Lake Buyer Fears

“It’s a lot of money!!!”

It is a lot of money, so use the right agent!  Home buying is an expensive and complicated transaction.   It is easiest  to just stay where you are and do nothing.  But when you are armed with the knowledge and experience I can share with you, those fears are much easier to overcome.  You will have no doubt you are doing the right thing, or we simply won’t close on the home.

If something scares you about a home, the buying process, or a third-party involved in the sale, voice your concerns to me. Listen to your voice of reason, and stick with your gut. I am financially sound enough that I don’t need to close every deal for my own needs.  I would rather walk away from a commission that put a buyer into a bad situation.  I am never pushy, that’s just not my style.

“I had a bad agent once, I don’t trust any of them”

I’ve had a bad mechanic, Doctor, and accountant in the past.  I fired them and found better ones.  The best agents such as myself are always on the prowl for the best new properties, checking out the market and protecting your best interest at all times.

Some buyers fear that their agent might have different motivations, or that they aren’t on the same page. If you have doubts, change agents. Never settle or take any random agent that comes along as your buyer’s agent.  You’ll quickly see that I am the agent you want to help you with your search.  I am thorough, professional, and know how to get things done!

“The house has cracks in the drywall and a leaky roof”

Most homes will need routine maintenance, and a good inspector will point this out. But it’s important to communicate with the inspector, thing tend to look much worse on paper. Much of what the inspector comes up with during the inspection is for informational purposes only.   I have had many buyers’ fears alleviated with a phone call to the inspector.  When they hear him say, “this is common for this area, or it’s not a big deal, it just needs a little work” it sounds much better than when it comes from the agent or the seller.

The inspector’s job is to point out every issue he sees in the house, even if it is something very common.  Ask him to explain how bad the issue is, and how long it can go before needing replacement or repair.

If there is a serious issue, we will go back to the seller and see if they will repair or credit money to repair after you close.  If they won’t, we walk away and find another home.

“I’ll don’t want to lose my deposit”

Buyers typically make a check out to a title company called “earnest money” after acceptance of the contract.  You have 10 days per the contract to do so.  The seller does not cash the check. Instead, the money is held in escrow and cannot be taken by one party or another unless both sign an agreement or they close.

We will use a standard Missouri Association of Realtors contract, and it is weighted very heavily in the buyer’s favor. If you have an inspection, financing contingencies, work closely with your real estate agent to stay within those timeframes.

I will make sure we stay within these dates, and that we are always fully protecting your best interest.

“I’ll don’t want to lose this house”

If you find the home of your dreams, you may have to move fast.  If you see a new listing hit the market, be sure to let me know right away. Try to make an appointment to see the home as soon as possible.

The listing inventory is surprising low right now, and the buyer’s that move the fastest get the best deals.  You can be assured I will move quickly on my end to accommodate your needs.

Choose John Garrett today.  Start searching properties and let me know when you see a good one.  We will make a great team.  I look forward to handing you the keys to your new home soon!