Avila Condominiums Lodge of the Four Seasons


Avila at the Lodge of the Four Seasons

Update:  The developers are offering a sale leaseback of two years for anyone that buys a condominium and agrees to their program.  The owner receives between $1450 to $1950 per month in return for rental control of their unit.  The owner pays ZERO assessments or personal fees such as utilities and insurance for two years.   Owner’s usage is 14 days.  The owner only pays RE taxes (low in Missouri) and the annual fee of $850 for deep cleaning and maintenance. 

The tough part of real estate investing is always the management, especially from a distance.  I refer to this as the terrible T’s – trash, termites, toilets, and tenants!  A product such as Avila eliminates these headaches because the management is handled by another party that allows you to not worry about it.  With the two year guaranty, you really have to feel pretty good knowing what your balance sheet will look like. 

If this is of interest to you, don’t hesitate to call 573-480-6420 or e-mail for more info.  I would recommend representation from a qualified buyer’s broker on this purchase.      

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