Dock and Sewall Permits? Huh?

Boat Dock lake of the ozarks

Boat Dock

Lake of the Ozarks is very unique for it’s private ownership of the shoreline.   The Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) governs lands within the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) project boundary. The purpose of the plan is to properly coordinate shoreline management activities at the Lake.  There are a few rules regarding permitting a boat dock (and seawalls)  that are not diffcult to follow, but when it comes to transferring a dock permit, the property procedure must be followed.   Your boat dock will often become an extention of your home, you might spend more time on your dock than in your home most of the summer.  This is an impotant consideration in your home purchase.

The issue of the electrical service to the docks has been in the news lately, and adds another layer of permits and inspections, but it is well intentioned and will increase safety at the Lake.  Almost every instance of an accident involved the improper modification or installation done by a homeowner.

Pay attention to the dock permits when buying a waterfront home at the Lake of the Ozarks.  Just because a dock is in place, with a permit number on it, verify that the permit is valid and for the dock as it sits, where it sits on the water.  This can greatly impact the value of your property.   I will make sure this is taken care of prior to close, and that the seller has the proper documentation that you need for transfer.