Free MLS Style Search


I have a very powerful search engine that requires registration.  If you are opposed to giving your name and email, you can use this search for free.  Your account gives you the ability to save and manage multiple properties displayed on my site. Think of this as your own private manager that allows you to search, track and save properties listed in the MLS, all in a private, password protected account.


In addition to all the organizational tools you will have access to, you can even customize special email alerts so that you receive the latest listings that you are specifically looking for, as soon as they are added.  This is a great feature, and worth signing up for alone. 



  • 1. Save unlimited properties to compare or show others
  • 2. Free customized email updates, only receive the information you want
  • 3. Private and password protected


So as you can see, if you sign up you can do much more with the system.   But I believe in letting you choose to register or not. If you have any questions give me a call 573-480-6420.