How to perform a 1031 tax deferred starker exchange

Information for 1031 Exchange Clients

Title holding issues in 1031 exchanges, (Realty Times, Mar. 3, 2006).

What type of properties qualify for a 1031 exchange?, (Realty Times, Sept. 5, 2005).

Unlocking new revenue streams in real estate: Three winning strategies to maximize your 1031 exchange, (Georgia REALTOR®, June 2005).

Make a clean exchange: Avoid common mistakes with 1031 exchanges, (Texas REALTOR® , Mar. 2005).

Multi-asset mastery: These tax-deferred exchanges require pre-planning and careful attention, (Commercial Investment Real Estate, Nov./Dec. 2004).

Exchange eligibility: Do your properties meet IRS requirements for 1031 transactions?, (Commercial Investment Real Estate, July/Aug. 2004).

1031 details: Manage transactions precisely to maximize tax benefits, (Commercial Investment Real Estate, Mar./Apr. 2004).

Leasehold interests offer alternative 1031 exchange options, (Commercial Investment Real Estate, Nov./Dec. 2003).

1031 exchanges do more than save taxes; These transactions can be used strategically to upgrade portfolios or even to liquidate partnerships, (National Real Estate Investor, Jan. 2003).

Smooth moves: Successful exchanges follow these 12 rules of the road, (Commercial Investment Real Estate, Mar./Apr. 2001).

1031 Basics

1031 Exchange FAQs, (Federation of Exchange Accomodators).

Show me the money: Using exchanges, (Realty Times, July 19, 2005).

Five misconceptions of 1031 exchanges, (National Real Estate Investor, May 2005).

1031 Exchange Manual, (1031 Corporation, 2004).

Review the fundamentals of Section 1031 like-kind exchanges, (Commercial Investment Real Estate, Jan./Feb. 2003).

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