Lake of the Ozarks Real Estate Market


The Market in 2017 again showed very strong  increases across the board in both dollar amount and # of Sales.  The market is increasing strength, and that makes it a great time to buy.   Values are still slightly below their high water mark in 2008.  Couple the lower prices with unbelievably low interest rates, and you have a perfect buying storm.



Consider a buyer whose gross annual income ($60,190) allows them to make a monthly payment of $1,555.  The $1,555 monthly payment qualifies them for the following loan amounts on an FRM:



4.0%: $325,800
4.5%: $306,900
5.0%: $289,700
5.5%: $273,800
6.0%: $259,400
6.5%: $246,000


Buyers focus solely on prices, but the real value in owning and financing a Lake home is what your interest rates will be long term.  The savings are astronomical.  These artificially low rates will not last forever, don’t wait for a big spike in rates to purchase.  Buy now and save$$$$$!