Don’t look for Lake of the Ozarks foreclosures on national web sites

I used to subscribe to a service that would give me foreclosures in this area. This is totally unnecessary and a waste of money and time. You will not receive up to date info, and you need almost instant info to get the best foreclosure deals.  For a couple of years now, our Lake MLS has had a search field for foreclosures, and I stay on top of all of the local banks foreclosure lists.

If you are serious about looking at foreclosure properties in this area, be ready!  I just had a client write an offer on the first day a foreclosure home came on the market. Turns out there were 5 offer submitted as well. It ended up selling for way over list price.

Getting a per-approval letter is a big first step. The delay in getting this can cost you a great deal. Be ready to make your first offer your best offer, it might knock out the others and prevent a costly bidding war.  

If you require references, I can provide you with the last 10 foreclosure buyers I worked with upon request.   573-480-6420

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