On Site Wastewater Treatment System (Septic Tank)

Septic System

“I live the city, I’ve never owned a septic system, what are they?  What do they cost?  What is the difference in an inspection versus an evaluation? What should I look for when I buy?”

I hear these questions all of the time with Lake home buyers, and if you are not buying in Osage Beach, Lake Ozark, or a few other areas, you are likely going to get a lake house with a septic system or OSWTS.   These system work great in the right conditions,  which usually mean flat , level, quality soil, and plenty of room for a lateral field.  We have few if any of these conditions on most Lake lots, so we have to install more expensive “engineered” systems.  This is where the fun starts.  Unless you are buying a distressed property or getting such an unbelievable deal, you should never buy a property without a septic inspection.

Sounds like a bunch of trouble?  When you hire an experienced agent like John Garrett, it is nothing to worry about.  He will make sure you get a qualified licensed inspector to inspect and test your system so there are no surprises.   If there is aproblem with the test, he will do the work required to make sure you are buying a fully functioning system that gets repaired properly.

Here is a great resource to learn about these systems and what it means when you are buying.

Onsite Wastewater Treatment Missouri Dept of Health

Septic Tank Installation and Maintenance

Missouri Laws for On Site Disposal Systems