Real Estate Watch: List of Meth Houses in Camden County Missouri

The Lake of the Ozarks real estate market is blessed to not have the problems on the scale that many areas do.   This list is not widely know to agents, I know to check it on occasion, but it is a cumbersome process.   

From the DEA, these are the homes listed as meth houses.  They could have been cleaned up, torn down, not cleaned up correctly, but at least we know where they are.  BTW, these can be great deals for investors to buy and properly clean up as rentals, it just must be (and should be) disclosed that the home was formerly a meth house.   This disclosure is forever from what I have been told. 

The DOJ discontinued this site in June of 2012.  I am working to find another  resource for buyers to check to make sure their home wasn’t formerly a meth house.  With foreclosures selling as-is, this could be a real problem for some.  The good news is that Camden county had very few meth house when this site went down. 

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